Sunday, 20 January 2013

Ways to Help Stop Child Hunger in Your Community with Andrew Muc

Andrew Muc is a proud supporter of his community, and he and he is glad to volunteer his time for many community programs and events and contribute to important local programs. One cause that Andrew Muc is very passionate about is ending hunger around his community. The hunger issues in our society can be easily solved with more support from volunteers like Andrew Muc. Andrew Muc suggests these 5 easy ways that you can help solve the problems of hunger in your community:

  • Volunteer to Help Fundraise

Many programs, like the Strive to End Hunger programs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are driven entirely by volunteers like Andrew Muc. Contributing your time can help make a big difference!

  • Donate to Local Organizations

Organizations to fight hunger can help distribute food to people in need, but they require your donations to operate and provide food to the needy.

  • Run a Food Drive at Your Workplace

A food drive can help collect a lot of nonperishable goods that can help feed many hungry families. Starting a food drive at your workplace makes it easy for your friends and coworkers to contribute.

  • Volunteer at a Local Soup Kitchen

Soup kitchens can provide hearty, healthy meals to many impoverished individuals in your area. Andrew Muc believes that volunteering at kitchens can be a very rewarding experience, and it can help many people.

  • Ask for help from your friends and social networks

Friends from your church, workplace, or neighborhood are often eager to help with such a worthy cause, and if you decide to get involved, Andrew Muc encourages you to share and invite your friends to join your efforts and make an even bigger impact.

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